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Will Bench Seating Work for Your Business?

You may have heard of bench seating for offices a lot recently, but what exactly is it? Bench seating is the style of setting up long rows of desks, usually in the style of two rows facing each other. The name is derived from the outcome of this seating style looking like a long dining table which, could be fit with benches similar to a mess hall. Of course, employees sit in their own desk chairs and the desks options available are usually quite nice and offer a decent level of privacy, considering the close seating proximity to their neighbors of course.

Bench seating style allows for the maximization of employees per square foot and also allows for a level of collaboration between employees not available through cubicles or private offices. This style is very popular with creative tenants or tech firms that like to maximize their offices and benefit from an open line of communication between their employees.

If you’re reading this and thinking this sounds right for your business, there are a few questions that are important to ask yourself before jumping into “bench seating”.



First, “What will my employees think of the lowered level of privacy and workspace?”. Employee productivity can be effected if they aren’t acclimating to the lowered level of personal space.


Secondly, “Will my business actually benefit from the positive aspects of bench seating?”. Many businesses, such as law firms and accounting firms, are more efficient when their employees have privacy and a quiet place to work. Make sure you are not one of these businesses before diving into bench seating.


Finally, “What will it cost to switch my office to bench seating?” Bench seating will require totally new furniture, in most cases, and usually a redesign of the office or a move to a new office. Make sure the benefits are worth the cost!


As always, I hope that you found this information helpful! Don’t hesitate to reach out to Redwood if you have any questions surrounding Bench Seating or would like to explore a test fit!
David Goldberg, Social Media Manager