Leasing commercial space in Manhattan can be overwhelming. To help streamline the process we've created a handbook breaking down the key aspects.
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If you are looking to relocate your business or help offset your overhead by finding another tenant to share part of your space, we can help you.

Actually, for growing companies we often suggest leasing a space slightly larger than you currently need and subleasing a small portion to bring your initial rent down and allow you to very easily expand into it at your own pace.

Just like all our assignments, we will only take it on if it falls into our area of expertise and we believe we can successfully complete it for you.

  • We will provide our assessment of the value of the space and all the pros and cons such as remaining lease term, current condition, and neighborhood.
  • Review all potential costs with you along with landlord’s policies and procedures for subleasing space.
    Contact your landlord to see if they would consider taking your space back and if they are open to extending a subtenant.
  • Implement a broad and targeted marketing strategy including leveraging our existing client and broker relationships.
  • Keep you updated on feedback and interest.
  • Advise you throughout the negotiation process including evaluating potential subtenants and facilitating consent process with ownership