Gear Collective

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The Task

Gear Collective was a brainchild of Jarah Emerson, a young lady with great vision and ambition. Jarah came to me with a small budget in need of a showroom space for her line of biking gear and accessories. The company was launching their new line, had orders coming in, but limited financials with no prior history of renting in the Manhattan market.

The Search

I found a number of spaces in buildings that could work for her firms use but with landlords unwilling to take a chance on this new company. At the time the market was getting saturated with tech start-ups gobbling up space and pushing rents higher- especially south of 34th street where Gear wanted to be.

The Result

I had placed a number of tenants in 303 5th avenue and found the landlord very accommodating. I approached him with Gear Collective’s criteria and he asked to meet with her. The landlord embraced her business and was happy to have her in the building. We were able to negotiate a more favorable security deposit than most landlords would offer to enable us to move forward. Gear Collective now has a Manhattan showroom presence and a bright future to look forward to.